Sanctuaries 2016; part 4 - after a break!!

I write this blog entry after completion of the performance. It was not intended to be that way but…..sometimes dancing gets in the way of writing! There was a break in my choreographic process as I was performing another production, Jwala. And the way it has happened, with every performance of Jwala, I’m working with a...

Sanctuaries 2016; part 3 - embodying the oppressed

Before I had set the choreography, I just played the music and improvised to it. Aditya has set an evocative Abheri melody for the mice who are brought into the lab and observing the pain and torture around them. As I danced it, my body trembled the way a frightened mouse would.

Sanctuaries 2016; part 2 - beginning choreography

The challenge in this piece is in both embodying the characters (most of whom are animals), and also in communicating what they represent. The piece opens with the “dance of the Scientist.” In creating this, I have to ask myself the following questions: what are the associations with scientist?

Sanctuaries 2016; part 1 - the creative process

The creative process feels strangely like dealing with my kid. Sometimes, when things are in flow – it feels magical and you want to jump for joy and show someone all the exciting discoveries. Other times, it is so frustrating you just want to scream loudly “I QUIT” and then binge watch TV undisturbed with a large bag of potato chips.

JWALA - Rising Flame

For Ekam Festival, Chennai. Spaces, #1 Elliot Beach Road. Saturday,…


For Ragamala, World Music Festival, Chicago. Chicago Cultural…

JWALA - Rising Flame

For South Asian Performing Arts Foundation (SAPAF), Tulsa. John…

JWALA - Rising Flame

For Kalapriya Sunday, September 11th, 2017. 5:00pm

JWALA - Rising Flame

For Indian Fine Arts, San Diego. CPMA Performing Arts Centre.…

Performance for SPIFPA

Performance for SPIFPA, Pittsburgh. Saturday, October 14th,…