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Mythili Prakash + LADP

Saturday, December 1, 2018 8:00 PM 9:30 PM NOV 29, 30 + DEC 1, 2 One of the most celebrated and respected young Bharata Natyam dancers today, Mythili Prakash joins the LADP Company for a special double bill performance.

JWALA – Rising Flame

Moody Performance Hall 2520 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201 Event and tickets details: JWALA – RISING FLAME By Mythili Prakash at Moody Performance Hall, Dallas, TX | Indian Event Sunday August 12, 2018. 6:20 pm

IDIA Conference

Cubberly Theatre 4120 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306 IDIA: I DANCE hence I AM Brown Paper Tickets – The first and only fair trade ticketing company! Sunday August 18, 2018. 6:30 pm

The Dichotomy of The Goddess

There is a dichotomy to life that makes it so intriguing. Dichotomy gives color, shading, nuance, complexity, and through all this- tremendous scope for creative/artistic exploration. There is dichotomy in everything and in us, and I feel exploring that helps provide insight, understanding, and acceptance toward the world, and toward ourselves. Once many years ago, […]

Sanctuaries; part 1 – the creative process

The creative process feels strangely like dealing with my kid. Sometimes, when things are in flow – it feels magical and you want to jump for joy and show someone all the exciting discoveries. Other times, it is so frustrating you just want to scream loudly “I QUIT” and then binge watch TV undisturbed with a large bag of potato chips.

Sanctuaries; part 2 – beginning choreography

The challenge in this piece is in both embodying the characters (most of whom are animals), and also in communicating what they represent. The piece opens with the “dance of the Scientist.” In creating this, I have to ask myself the following questions: what are the associations with scientist?